IL immigration attorneyThere are many reasons why a person from another country may want to move to the United States, including to care for relatives, obtain a graduate degree, or to find a better occupation. In some cases, though, an individual may be fleeing religious or government persecution. In many cases, life in America can offer them many benefits.

What Is an H-1B Visa?

The U.S. government offers different types of visas for which immigrants can apply if they want to enter the country legally. These include H-1B visas, family-based visas, student visas, employment-based visas, and temporary visas. H-1B visas allow foreign nationals to work in the United States within specialized industries for a temporary period of time. However, applicants must meet specific criteria in order to be eligible for these visas, including a certain level of education.

Upon receiving the H-1B visa, the immigrant can report to work for his or her sponsoring company. After moving to the United States, the employee is allowed to seek employment with a different employer, or transfer to a different company. H-1B visas may be complicated due to certain issues, such as initial approvals and employment transfers. That is why the legal guidance of a skilled immigration lawyer can help ensure a smooth process.

Foreign workers are often in high demand, especially in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields. H-1B visas are specifically for employees who have a Bachelor’s degree or hold graduate degrees and are working in specialized fields, such as the following occupations:

Challenges of Adjusting to Life in a New Country

Assimilating to a new country is more than just packing a suitcase and getting on an airplane. It can involve many issues, including learning a new language and culture. The adjustment period after moving to the United States may take weeks or months or even years. It may take a while to feel comfortable in new surroundings and get used to everyday things, such as traffic patterns, grocery shopping, finding a place to live, as well as obtaining transportation to get to and from work. Making new friends can be difficult, but in time, an immigrant can feel like a part of the team at his or her job, which can lead to social outings and meeting new people.

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