IL immigration lawyerA visa is a permit to travel to, enter, and remain in the United States. A person wishing to enter the United States must meet several requirements before being allowed to enter. Under U.S. immigration law, the intended purpose of the applicant’s travel will determine what type of visa is required. There are two main categories of U.S. visas. A Nonimmigrant visa is for temporary visits such as for vacation, business, family, or studying. An Immigrant visa is for people who wish to immigrate to the United States and live here. The process of applying for and receiving an immigration visa can be complex, so it is important to understand which kind applies to your situation.

Nonimmigrant Visa

Nonimmigrant visas need to be obtained for a variety of reasons, but they are always for temporary stays or visits. Many people all over the world like to travel to other countries, and the United States is a popular destination. In other cases, foreigners come here to do business with a U.S-based company, or even to work on a project for a certain period of time.

Another reason for a nonimmigrant visa is to visit family who live in the States. This applies to situations in which a family member might be ill, and a relative wants to come to help care for him or her. Student visas are for anyone who is enrolled at a reputable educational institution in the United States. These visas do not require the student to obtain citizenship. Other examples of nonimmigrants who need visas to travel to the United States include athletes, nannies, actors, and media journalists, to name a few.

Immigrant Visa

The purpose of immigrating to the United States vary depending on an individual’s circumstances. Many people are seeking a better life than they have in their native countries

Nonimmigrant visa applications are usually for immediate family or relatives of someone who is already a U.S citizen. This can also include a spouse of a U.S. citizen or a foreigner who is engaged to marry a U.S. citizen and who will live in the United States. Another category involves orphaned children who are being adopted by U.S. citizens. Other immigrants come to the United States for permanent employment, including professors, physicians, religious workers, or professionals holding advanced degrees.

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